TOFW Seek the Good

My cute sister Julie came to Vegas in September to spend time with me and the kiddos while the hubby was away. She got us tickets to spend the weekend at Time Out For Women. This year we were enlightened to "Seek the Good".
I purchased a book titled "Love Life and See Good Days." I have found this book very fitting in my life. One very important lesson I learned from reading this book is "there is great worth in writing down the life moments that bring us happiness. I have found this to be true!
I found great joy in my sister's visit. She was such a great help. I love her and I really needed that visit. I look back on memories as a kid with her and I remember the fun we had in the simple pleasure of eating popsicles and riding our bikes!


Ella started soccer this fall and really enjoyed it...once she learned how to play!
 In action..
My mom and sisters came down and saw Ella score her first goal of the season!!

It's off to school they go!

 E bug started Kindergarten this fall!
 Waiting for the Bus to come. She decided after riding the bus to school, she didn't like it. So Molly and Simon and I take her to school in the morning.
Miss M started her last year of Pre-School!

Happy Birthday Miss Molly

 Over the summer Miss Molly turned the big 4! All she asked for was a cupcake with frosting. We took her to the best cupcake shop in Vegas!
 For her birthday party she requested it be a Popsicle Party!
 Opening her presents
Her most favorite present of all...her Aunt Allie and Amie took her to "Build a Bear Workshop" to create her very own stuffed animal. She stuffed it and chose an outfit for her Monkey (Suzie) to wear.

Oh What do you do in the Summertime?

 We played at the splash park, many, many times!
We took a trip to Park City UT and waited in line with Aunt Allie for the Alpine Coaster! Which was a blast!
 We went to the Zoo with Cousins, Aunts and Grandparents
 We went to Lagoon Theme Park in UT and the kids had a blast!
(Simon and his cousin Tessa)
 (Ella and her cousin Travis on the Dinosaur Drop)
We Drink Hawaiian Shaved Ice to keep ourselves cool while at the Henderson 24th of July Parade!


San Diego Family Trip

Spencer had a few weeks off for the summer so we took a family trip to San Diego California and had a blast!
Mission Beach

It was a cloudy day but still fun for the kids to play in the sand and collect sea shells. We also hit up the board walk and had some yummy treats and played some fun games.

Molly thought it was more fun to cover herself from head to toe in sand

Sea World
Elmo's Flying Fish

The girls saved their money for over a year to purchase a souvenir
Ella chose an eel from Sea World

Waiting for the Shamu show to start

Beetle Bounce @ Lego Land

Animal Safari with Molly as their Tour Guide


A day in May

This little munchkin turned ONE!
 He ate up his cupcake real quick!
 The girls helped Mr. S open his presents from grandparents
 All the neighbor friends

Spencer had a Board Exam for school in Philidelphia so I went with him!
We made a 5 day vacation out of it Aunt Amy came to watch the kiddos.
 We visited Liberty Bell, Independence Hall (pictured above) and other US historical sites.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 

Took a ferry  from Long Island to Manhattan (saw Statue of Liberty) 

 Stood on the famous bridge in many movies

Saw ground zero, the reflection water falls and the rebuilding of the towers
 Ella graduated from Preschool with a few of her little friends
(Ella Brooklyn and Bailey)

The little graduate!

Mama and her girlies


Red Rock

 And we're off!
 The girls found a large boulder to hide under
 Having a blast..we even saw a small water fall
Long day for the little bubba!
We took the munchkins out to Red Rock Canyon to hike over Easter weekend. The weather was in the 70's and the sun was shining and the kids were so excited to spend some time together as a family! What a fun day!


New "Fun" Toy

We have a new toy @ our house!! I loaded the kiddos up in the bike trailer for a spin around the block. Who knew how much they would like it!? They don't just like it..they love it! The girls ask me every day if I can take them to school in it! This is not only good exercise for me, but it's a fun outing for the munchkins too!



Words of encouragement...
By 10 a.m Thursday morning M had changed her clothing 6 times!! I finally said "Molly I would like you to keep the outfit on that you are wearing because I am not washing any more clothes." she then said, "Mom, really it's ok because you can just wash them tomorrow."
Words of advice...
"Mom, why did you take the long cut?" (laughing)what do you mean Ella?..nevermind just take the short cut next time ok!"
Words of sympathy...
E would not eat her lunch wednesday..she said "Mom I just think that dad is better at making peanut butter jelly sandwiches then you, but don't worry because you are good at making me go to bed..ha ha!!"
First words...
In most cases why is it that a child's first word is usually not MaMa. Simon's first word is ELLA..with a second word of DaDa. He woke up Saturday morning saying Ella Ella! I am glad he likes his sister..but what about me ha ha!